Sculpture by Andrew G. Saffas

          Princess Andromeda in Greek mythology, was the daughter of King Cepheus, and Queen Cassiopeia, who boasted that Andromeda was fairer than the immortal Nereids, sea nymphs who were daughters of Poseidon, god of the sea.  In his wrath, Poseidon sent a monster to ravage the sea coast.  When the oracle of Ammon advised King Cepheus that the only way to placate Poseidon was to sacrifice Andromeda to the monster, the people demanded she be chained naked to a rock by the sea.  Perseus, returning home with the head of the Gorgon Medusa, observed the "chained lady" in her plight, and became enchanted by her beauty.  Using the Gorgon's head he turned the sea monster to stone, broke Andromeda's chains and won her for his bride.  They later became king and queen of the Greek city of Tiryns.  Andromeda was placed among the stars.

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