Sculpture by Andrew G. Saffas

       Sap-PHO, considered to be the greatest female lyric poet of all time - and widely acclaimed for the astonishing beauty and originality of her lyrical poetry - sang or recited her poems with lyre accompaniment, song and dance.

       Circa 625 B.C.E., she founded a school in Mytilini, a house of those who cultivate the Muses, where she taught young women poetry, song and dance. Relations between Sappho and her pupils have been compared by some, to those between Socrates and his disciples.  In her poems she credited the Muses for her talent.


       "The Muses have made me happy in my lifetime and when I die, I shall never be forgotten."

Sappho Dimensions:
      length = 30" (70.6 cm)
      height = 18" (40.55 cm)
      depth  =  8" (20.3 cm)

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